verb (t) /ɪnˈleɪ / (say in'lay) (inlaid, inlaying)

1. to decorate (an object) with veneers of fine materials set in its surface.
2. to insert, or apply (layers of fine materials) in a surface of an object.
3. Horticulture to place (a fitted scion) into a prepared stock, as in an inlay graft.
noun /ˈɪnleɪ / (say 'inlay)
4. inlaid work.
5. veneer of fine material inserted in something else, especially for ornament.
6. a design or decoration made by inlaying.
7. Dentistry a filling of metal, porcelain, or plastic which is fitted and fastened into a tooth as a solid mass.
8. Horticulture an inlay graft.
9. the act or process of inlaying.
{in-1 + lay1}
inlayer, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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